100+Best Funny Creative Christmas Quiz Team Names For Holiday Parties

Looking for the best Christmas team names to enjoy your holiday fun, you have landed on the right page. We have covered the best Christmas trivia team names for fun and enjoyment in this festive season.

From holiday work parties to family games on Christmas, using unique team names during your get-together can add a special touch to your celebration.

At Christmas events, friends and family members get together to enjoy the holidays. They choose funny and punny Christmas quiz team names for more fun. In this article, you’ll find over 100 of the best funny team names for Christmas, categorized so you can easily find one that you like.

Best Christmas Quiz Team Names

Best Christmas Quiz Team Names
  • Christmas Crew
  • Blessings Bunch
  • Caroling Crew
  • Arctic Nation
  • Snow Fighters
  • Frosty Fest
  • Snow Angels
  • The Ice Breakers
  • Light and Ice
  • Cookie Cutouts
  • Frosty Crew
  • Dancing Ladies
  • Sleigh Bells
  • Best in Snow
  • Mighty Mittens
  • Elf Squad
  • Gift Wrappers
  • Present Pals
  • Santa Helpers
  • Sugarplums
  • Ice Babies
  • Snow Heads
  • Ice Ice Babies
  • Ice Crystal Crew
  • Chilled Out
  • Tinsel Troop
  • Wrap Artists
  • Cracker Jokes
  • The Big Freeze
  • December Gang
  • Tree Skirts
  • The Piping Pipers
  • Silver Bells
  • Icy Igloos

Funny Christmas Team Names

Funny Christmas Team Names
  • Cookie Cirtics
  • Drunk Elves
  • Hoof Hearted
  • Grinch Gang
  • North Pole Noobs
  • Rowdy Rudolphs
  • Snowflakes
  • Way Over Budget
  • Santa Stompers
  • Jingle Ballers
  • Happy Feet
  • Slope Hitters
  • Holly Jolly Heroes
  • Fa La La Family
  • Three Magi
  • Three Kings
  • Scrooge
  • Merry Quizmas
  • Quizmas Carols
  • Judy Christmas Garland
  • Snow It All
  • Prancers and Cupids
  • Yule to be Kind
  • Eggnogs
  • Lumps of Coal
  • Figgy Puddings
  • December to Remember
  • Bah Humbug
  • The Roaring Chestnut
  • Five Golden Rings
  • Tinsel Tangles
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Bows Over Bros
  • Noel Nations
  • Hot Cocoa Addicts
  • Musical Medley
  • The Green Elves
  • Tequilla Mockingbirds
  • Fun and Festivity
  • Nine Ladies Dancing
  • We Are the Elves
  • Toy Makers
  • The Nutcrackers
  • Stocking Thrillers
  • Holly Berries
  • Santa Paws

Creative Christmas Team Names

  • Sleigh What
  • Rocket Santas
  • Elves on Green
  • Human Christmas Trees
  • Weird Elves
  • Santarists
  • Tinsel Troop
  • Runaway Elves
  • The Seven Swans Swimming
  • Cookie Makers
  • Vixen’s Pixies
  • Jolly Jamboree
  • Our Costumes Match
  • The Elephant Exchange Party Planners
  • Cookie Exchangers
  • Bubble Elves
  • Office Santas
  • Sugar Plum Angels
  • The Stocking Squad
  • Mulled Wine Militia
  • Jingle Lads
  • Prancers Enhancers
  • Naughty Elves
  • Beer Goggles
  • Quiz Kringle
  • Stocking Thrillers
  • Snow Women
  • Forest Grump
  • We Paint the Town Red
  • The Avalanche
  • Holiday Magicians
  • Elves
  • The Fruitcakes
  • Sledge Riders
  • The Holidaze
  • Feeling Santa Mental
  • Association of Christmas Party Guests
  • Forest Elves
  • Carrot For Snows
  • Peaceful Polar Bears

Punny Christmas Team Names

  • The Three Wise Elves
  • Silent Knights
  • Dashing Throw The Bros
  • Too Cool For Yule
  • Icy All You Do
  • On the Frost Day of Christmas
  • We Are Fabulous
  • Damas of Christmas
  • Santa Claws
  • We Make It Rein
  • Use Your Eggnogins
  • Pine Apples
  • See Yule Soon
  • Yule Be Sorry
  • On Cloud Wine
  • Bells & Holly
  • Frosting & Sprinkles
  • Happiness & Joy
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • Ribbons & Bows
  • Turtle Doves
  • Wine & Cheese
  • Green Eggs & Hum
  • Away in a Mingers
  • Arthick Monkeys
  • Fire Lock Holmes

Christmas Trivia Team Names

Christmas Trivia Team Names
  • Smartest Snowmen
  • Quiz Kingle
  • Award Winning Elves
  • Quizmas Champions
  • Noel It All
  • Quizmas Crackers
  • Truth or Deer
  • Reindeer Gamers
  • Frank and Sense
  • The Christmas Pedia
  • Rulers of Quizmas
  • Eggnog Einsteins
  • Jingle Brains
  • Festive Fact Checkers
  • Poinsettia Ponderers
  • Smarty Snowpants
  • Stocking Stuffer Scholars
  • The Gifted Team
  • We Know all Answers and Carols
  • Merry Quizmas
  • Elves of the Year
  • Witty Elves
  • Jolly Old Quizzards
  • Trolls Quizmas
  • Desperate Elves
  • Festive Trivialites
  • Christmas Enthuastics
  • Just Here for Fun
  • Smartest Snow Babies
  • Quizcable Me
Christmas Quiz Team Names


People like to use Christmas Team names for their group for more fun and to enjoy in a great way. The team name can get your friends in the holiday spirit. these names can be an excellent inspiration for selecting a party theme.

Picking a good name is not easy and challenging. There are no particular rules for choosing a name. You can choose any names from the above funny, creative, punny, and best names list for Christmas celebrations.

You can also use the names to distinguish different teams when running a friendly contest during a Christmas event. As long as all your friends and team members are comfortable with the idea, you can tag your team with one of these names for a special event or just for fun.

FAQs About Christmas Quiz Team Names

Christmas team names represent your group and show your team’s interest. It is up to you and your entire team to select a suitable name. Based on your activity or event you can choose either creative, funny, or punny team names.

Check our above lists of best, creative, funny, and punny names. However, some selective good names are listed below.

  • Cold Coworkers
  • Eleves of the Year
  • Chilly Memory Makers
  • Corporate Eleves
  • Department of Gift Wrappers
  • Elves on Strike

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